Equipo Técnico

  • Dirección: Domix Garrido
  • Gestión: David Imperial
  • Coordinación: Mario Gutiérrez Cru, Diana Guijarro, David Martínez, Ángel Rodríguez Palacios, Theor, Aurora de la Rosa, Paco Linares Micó, Francisco Escudero, Sergio Muro, Dolores Galindo.
  • Edición: Mario G Cru, Germán Díez, Roberto Fabián Krausemann, Lucio Cruces, Delucius Multimedia, AtlanLy,
  • Diseño Web: Álvaro Aguilar
  • Producción: Judith Orozco, Jacqueline Tárraga, Alicia Driéguez,
  • Difusión: Diana Guijarro, Jacqueline Tárraga, Bianca Gòis Barbosa
  • Comunicación Club Dadá: Judith Orozco
  • Documentación: Lydia Olivares, Alicia Driéguez, Paco Vivo, Roberto Fabián Krausemann, Gus Torregrosa, José Ma Muñoz Vilches, Violeta Niebla, Pablo Madrid, Verónica Cuquicú.
  • Contacto: info@abiertodeaccion.org


Abierto de Accion – a festival with an artistic soul
There are just a few festivals which are positively popping out of the event jungle in Performance Art and Abierto de Accion is truly one of them. It is the passion, precision and care of organization which separates it from many other festivals. The heart is always the sharing moment of performative art practice between international artists and the audience. Combined with a bigger scale of touch Abierto de Accion shapes its unique artistic soul – often beyond the arts.
I support and can highly recommend this festival with its distinct philosophy of an international artistic meeting point.

– BBB Johannes Deimling

[ artist, artistic director of PAS | Performance Art Studies, professor for Performance Art at the Norwegian Theatre Academy ]